National Environmental Law Center

NELC is a non-profit litigation center founded in 1990 to enforce anti-pollution laws and protect public health and the environment. NELC attorneys work closely with state and local citizen groups by providing essential legal expertise to bring corporate polluters to justice.

Our Primary Focus

Clean Air

Protecting communities from illegal air pollution.

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Clean Water

Safeguarding water quality by holding corporations and municipalities accountable for illegal discharges.

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Other Issues

Species Protection

Conserving endangered plants and animals and their habitats.

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Hazardous Waste

Ensuring corporations and the government manage hazardous and other solid wastes responsibly.

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Regulatory Challenges

Challenging government regulations that fail to protect the environment and public health.

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What We Do

NELC's Impact

For more than three decades, NELC lawsuits have confronted violators of environmental protection laws, holding polluters accountable and protecting communities and ecosystems throughout the country.

Lawsuits initiated
Pollution control upgrades
Local environmental and public health projects funded
Penalties imposed on polluters