Representatives of NELC and TAC on the banks of the Connecticut River just downstream of its confluence with Salmon and Hubbard Brooks

GLASTONBURY, CT – In January 2016, NELC attorneys sued Connecticut Galvanizing Corporation and Highway Safety Corporation on behalf of Environment Connecticut and Toxics Action Center (TAC) for long-standing violations of the Clean Water Act at their metal fabrication and galvanizing facility in Glastonbury, CT. For years, the facility discharged untreated stormwater contaminated with zinc, lead, and copper into Salmon Brook and Hubbard Brook, both of which run to the Connecticut River.

This February, the companies completed all requirements of the strict consent decree that resolved the case in October 2016, virtually ending pollutant discharges from the facility into Salmon and Hubbard Brooks. As required by the Decree, the companies installed a stormwater collection and treatment system for removal of heavy metals and other pollutants from the facility’s stormwater, upgraded maintenance practices to prioritize keeping toxic pollutants out of the facility’s stormwater in the first place, paid a penalty for past violations, and maintained 100 percent compliance with all limits in the facility’s Clean Water Act permit for 18 consecutive months.